The Bellwood Homes Association

A Summary of Its Primary Covenants and Restrictions Governing Single Family Residential Homes

The Bellwood Homes Association is a non-profit organization which has been formed both to protect each homeowner's investment by providing architectural, aesthetic and development standards for the execution of maintenance tasks normally associated with the care of the development's "common" areas and lor elements. Such duties as landscaping, lawn care, liability insurance, utilities and real estate taxes may be paid out of funds paid by Bellwood Homes Association fees. The fees may be adjusted in accordance with the budget projected for annual maintenance and improvements. Upon purchase of a home in Bellwood, you automatically become a member of The Bellwood Homes Association and agree to abide by the covenants and restrictions of the subdivision as recorded. As a member of The Association, you will be invited to attend annual meetings where you will have the ability to vote on important issues regarding the management of The Association. Each property owner is required to pay the Association an initiation fee of $300 upon conveyance of the home site from the Developer. The amount is the same regardless of the date of closing in the calendar year. Once a home is constructed and occupied, there will be an annual maintenance fee of $300 billed on January 1 of each year. The year of closing will be prorated from the date of closing to the end of the year. In addition, any vacant lots will be assessed an annual maintenance fee of $200. The annual fee may be adjusted by the Board of Directors should projected costs dictate. Special assessments for capital improvements may also be levied, provided the majority of each class of membership votes in favor of the assessment. For purposes of highlighting the covenants and restrictions pertaining to the current development status of Bellwood as recorded, the following regulations have been set forth.

Residential Architectural Minimums/Standards

Ranch Style Home 1600 square feet finished minimum

1 1/2 or 2 Story Home 1800 square feet finished minimum

Split Level 1900 square feet finished minimum

All floorplans must be approved by the Developer prior to construction. All homes will have a minimum 8/12 roof pitch. All homes shall have some brick, stone, stucco, or EIFS on a portion of the front elevation. The sides and back of home shall be finished with James Hardie siding. There shall be no vinyl siding allowed on any portion of the exterior of any home. All homes shall have a minimum of an attached 2-car garage. All homes shall have architectural shingles in black, weathered wood, or charcoal. Any exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the Developer.

Landscaping Requirements

The entire front yard must be sodded and irrigated and the remainder of the yard may be planted with seed and straw or hydromu1ch. A minimum of two 3" caliper trees shall be planted in the front yard between the sidewalk and curb if there is room. If there is not room, one tree must be between the sidewalk and curb and one must be between the sidewalk and horne. A total of six shrubs or more must be planted in the front yard. In addition, lots 168-197 must have two evergreens planted in the back yard for screening between lots.

Fence Regulations

All fences must be approved by the Developer prior to installation. All fences willhave a maximum height of 48" and will be a wood picket or shadowbox style. All fences in the development must be stained with Benjamin Moore exterior stain in the color Annapolis Grey. No chain link fences or dog pens will be allowed. Privacy fences will be allowed in selected circumstances such as adjacent to a patio, hot tub or around an approved inground pool.


No vicious animals shall be allowed anywhere in the development. Vicious animals include, but are not limited to, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans or any mixed-breed animal that contains Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or Dobermans.


Property owners are encouraged to divert drainage to the street and to adjacent designated greenspace whenever possible. No landscaping berms shall be permitted which impede or divert storm water drainage in any way. No gutters, downspouts or any means of transporting water may be extended to within ten feet ofthe front or rear property line or within six feet of any side property line.


Location of mailboxes shall be determined by the U.S. Postal Service. All homes are required to have a standard mailbox and post installed as determined by the Developer.

Basketball Goals

Permanently installed basketball goals must be approved by the Developer prior to installation. Basketball goals may not be attached to a residence nor be placed within a 2 street right-of-way. Movable basketball goals may not be placed within a street right-of way.

Satellite Dishes

Location of satellite dishes must be approved in advance by the Developer. No satellite dishes are allowed on the front of the home.

Boats, Campers, Recreational Vehicles, Motor Homes, Trailers

Boats, campers, recreational vehicles, motor homes and trailers of any sort must be parked inside of a garage or screened by a structure which must be approved by the Developer. Work vehicles may be parked in a driveway if used on a regular basis. A vehicle that is not used within a 24 hour period must be parked in a garage. Inoperative vehicles must be stored within a garage at all times. Per City of Columbia ordinance, no vehicles of any kind may be parked in the street in front of a home for more than 24 hours.

Sheds, Detached Structures, Dog Houses, Swing Sets, Playhouses

No sheds, detached structures, dog houses, swing sets or playhouses of any kind will be allowed without prior consent of the Developer.

Swimming Pools

Only in-ground swimming pools shall be allowed. Swimming pools must be approved by the Developer prior to installation.


No "For Rent" signs or any sign that implies rental activities shall be permitted.
No temporary structures shall be permitted. No storage tanks shall be permitted.
No all-terrain vehicles or motorized bikes shall be allowed anywhere in the development.
Boats must be stored inside the garage.
Per City of Columbia ordinance, no open fires or fireworks shall be allowed anywhere in the development.
No trampolines shall be allowed anywhere in the development. Unrelated adults occupying a single family home shall be limited to three.
Seasonal decorations shall not remain on the house or lot for more than sixty days.
Garages may not be converted to habitable space for pets or humans.
No political signs are allowed.
As per City of Columbia ordinance, vehicles may not be parked on turf areas.
Parking is permitted only on paved surfaces or streets.

Other Disclosures

A property owner who sells or conveys ownership in a property shall disclose to the future owner the existence of these restrictions. Property owners acknowledge there are four (4) pages in this document and acknowledge receipt of this document. The Developer has broad powers in administering the architectural review criteria. It's decisions are legally enforceable. Property owners are advised that the preceding summary is a summary of the Bellwood Declaration of Covenants Restrictions. It is not a replacement for the Declaration.

McMickle Drive is Not a permanent cul-de-sac and will eventually be a through street.

Robert and Christi Wolverton are licensed Realtors in the State of Missouri and are principals in WJP Properties, LLC.